The Little Mermaid is POISON!

Everyone remembers the Ariel, from The Little Mermaid right? Teenager mermaid princess who fell in love with a a human on the surface of which she was forbidden to go near by her father, but she goes anyway and falls in love with Prince Eric. One way or another she meets Ursula, who only wants her father’s position on the throne, because she was exiled, who convinces Ariel to give up her voice and family so she can have legs and meet her Prince Eric….if you don’t know the rest of the movie its okay because that’s basically all you need to know for the sake of this blog 🙂

Prince Eric and ArielUrsula

Soooo in the movie:

Ursula takes Ariel’s voice and assures her that she can still snag her man “You have your looks, your pretty face and don’t underestimate the importance of body language…” Translation, it doesn’t matter what women say, their personality, or their level of intelligence, because men are just attracted to them because of their body and looks…Really?

But it doesn’t stop there Ursula continues in a song (which is classic for Disney to embed their ideas in catchy songs…that kids love to learn), educating girls that “the men up there [the surface] don’t like a lot of blabber, they think the girl that gossips is a bore, yet on land it is much preferred for ladies not to say a word…she who hold her tongue who gets a man”

What the hell? What happen to a free mind? Equality? Disney tisk tisk to you!


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Nickelodeon TOOO! OMG..

I know I said that from now on I would focus more on Disney, but I just thought of something…

If someone says Orange Soda or “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, Can I take your order?”  or maybe even “Aw, here it goes”….Two people will come to mind….Kenan and Kel.

Good Burger! Who loves Orange soda? Kel loves Orange soda

Kenan and Kel, both had a show on NICK (which is still relevant to this blog seeing as it is an aspect of children popular culture) where they dressed up as other persons and tried to deceive people.

Since this was on a children/teenager-oriented network, was america trying to suggest that boys dressing up as girls was okay…could this show have influenced children into doing what their favorite characcters Kenan and Kel did. Did America realize this and try to correct it…could this be why shows like Tyler Perry’s Madea is intended for adults…could this be why Nick had canceled Kenan and Kel and had REALITY shows like Slimetime LIVE. or better yet this could be why nick renamed their networks to more age-linked names: Nick Jr., TeenNick, Nick @ Nite….

Nick Jr.Noggin



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The Hunchback of Notre Dame, needs hunching too! …jk but seriously

Quasimodo, from Notre Dame

Quasimodo, from Notre Dame

In the Hunchback of Notre Dame, everyone remembers Quasimodo, right? I would hope so…he was the  main character in the show. Anyway even though he wasn’t very pleasing to the eye, he most definitely had other redeeming qualities within him. Right through the show he was nice sweetheart and gentlemen. He was ever much the hero, ever kind hearted, sweet, and pure…Just look:

Yet still he still didn’t win the heart of Esmeralda. You remember Esmeralda right? The seductive looking gypsie.

Yeah, so Esmeralda, falls for the “conventional looking man”, in the film, which is the captain of the guard. Why do I say “conventional looking” ? Because the captain has Disney’s classic male traits of beauty and hero…LOOK

Even though throughout the show Esmeralda and Quasimodo and had a very strong connection, and had the possibilities of falling in love, she still goes for the the “good looking man” and completely ignores the whole “its whats on the inside that counts”….What type of superficial children is Disney trying to create?

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The next couple of posts are going to be examples of various Disney films I have analyzed…In each post I will sort of discuss Disney’s more than likely intentions and what children are possibly extracting from their great classical films!!

Disney Lovers Caution yourself it may get ugly BUT if you disagree REMEMBER to COMMENT and we can DISCUSS our differences 🙂

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Disney Channel is Spoiling the Children!

The new age of Disney shows. Hannah Montana, and Phineas and Ferb.  Kids are watching these shows and they start wanting to be little actors or models and wanting to have these extravagant lifestyles that even adults don’t have.

Hannah Montana, shows girls how to be a spoiled brat and throw a tantrum when they don’t get her way. Is it really realistic to go to school, go to the beach, live in a huge house and be a singing celebrity disguised by a mere blonde wig…

It’s not bad to want those type of types of things, but suddenly children start believing they are older than they really are.They are corrupted into believing that it’s alright to wear make-up and start dating by the time they’re teenagers. Then they start getting into celebrity gossip magazines instead of comic books, much less books in general.

Phineas and Ferb, why is it that only the boys get to make great inventions, go on adventures and save the world? why is it that Candice is the taddle tale and is never doing anything productive? Even in the opening video, she is just sitting in the house on the phone. The theme song alone, clearly states both sister and brother roles that children should abide by and then further explains/ details that through each episode.

They begin to try and model the behavior and roles emitted by these “Disney Stars.”


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I use to love disneeyyy….but now…damn them…no wait!

…We have all been brainwashed!! This is sort of feeding off of the it al starts in children thought. What kind of example are we teaching children? But honestly though i do think the person who made this video had a valid point, but Disney has a good side too. For instance…

In 1998, Disney productions made a movie called Mulan. In the movie, Mulan was introduced to the local matchmaker as a potential bride, unfortunately her attempt to appear as a modest young lady failed. After a message was received demanding Mulan’s father to join the war, Mulan steals her father’s sword and armor, cuts her hair (to appear as a boy), takes her horse and goes in his place. Her tomboy-like qualities eventually prevail, displaying courage and boy-like athletic strength, resulting in her victory of receiving her fellow male comrades’ respect and the confidence she needs to win the war. All in all, the movie showed young girls, there is no negativity that comes with being a tomboy. However you don’t really see Mulan lunchboxes, bookbags, pencils and other goodies for little girls to walk around with.

The video sort of took a different side or had a different outolook on Mulan, but as a child I loved her and thought she was the shit! Maybe why i’m a fan of heterosociality now…mmm…damn does this mean disney got me too?

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It all starts in our childhood

Children develop gender schemas from the direct exposure of actions and behavior absorbed from their parents, from “the first concept-formation period” of their lives. During this period, every experience has a profound effect on how children develop thoughts in regards to gender stereotypes. Children manifest the norms of social behaviors via what is taught to them. In today’s society certain objects and even activities are gender connoted, because of gendotypers. Some people that tell their sons that they are not allowed to play with Barbie, because it is “girly,” but must engage in sports and tell their daughters the reverse. These ideas and perceptions grow with children and cycles into subsequent generations. This is apparent seeing that Barbie was first invented in 1959  as a “toy for girls.” However, it is very probable that gendotypers don’t know that Barbie started as a human being named Barbara Handler, who was a successful businesswoman, a member of a rock band and a Women’s World Cup Soccer player, all qualities some people would not typically associate with a woman. Moreover, that the first women’s golf tournament was held in 1811, or that in 1931, Virne Mitchell, the first professional baseball player struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrigin .

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Gender Stereotyping (prt. 1)

No responsibility? All women are whores? Alimony..prostitutes?Employees, vote, president, Hillary Clinton, Only good for having kids not raising, Men inventors,Women only spend men money, Can’t do math, drive, run a company, Women to Dog…Training them properly? All women are lesbians?

Why the shades, fake looking mustache? A sense of shame or fear maybe? A little security…I’m happy the lady at the end asked him to take off the glasses, face her and look women in the eye because if I were there I would have done the same thing. But of course ask we can see he failed to do so. Of course as an act of defense to her being so direct he resorted to the utmost popular defense mechanism of projection. This man wrote a book entitled “Men are Better than Women” I have not read the book but by this snippet of the author’s personality and the title of the book it seems like a whopping 272 pages of another defense mechanism of displacement, which is more or less is the redirecting of thoughts feelings and impulses from an object that gives rise to anxiety to a safer, more acceptable one. I don’t mean to sound like a psychologist but it is apparent that this man has been through something. Oddly enough here the average amazon customer review is four stars out of 30 customer reviews (the breakdown: 22-5 stars, 1-4 stars, 2-3 stars, 1-2 stars, and 4-1 stars)…So I suppose we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover…or a author by it’s personality despite his vulgar mannerism…or could it be that all these reviews were posted by men since it appears the book was written by a man for a man?

I think this is just gasoline being thrown in an already burning bonfire of gender stereotypes. Don’t you?

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Why a two gender system? Marriage…Family..SEX

On a legal or judicial point of view…or whatever you want to call it. PERSONALLY, the only things I can come up as far as the purpose of this current gender system is to answer questions and regulate laws regarding

  1. Marriage
  2. Family Structure
  3. Sexual Practices

On the opening note of the law, there was this case called Corbett v. Corbett, 1970, where April Ashley, a British TRANSEXUAL, married a dude called Mr. Corbett, who asked the court to annul his marriage because he found out that April was really “a man”…but April argument was that she was a social female of which she thought made her eligible for marriage. However the judge was like the surgery was done on a male body, so since she was born a male then you know. But not only that…the artifical vagina the doctor “made” if you will wasn’t large enough to permit penile penetration. The ruling of this and a few other cases, from many judge, was along the lines that:

Marriage without the ability for vaginal-penile sex is to be illegal. Sex is the main institute on which family is built. Natural hetero-sexual intercourse is an essential element of marriage. There is a criterion that two inches “qualifies” as a penetration.

PERSONALLY, it seems a bit much, I mean just as this seems a bit much laws of homosexual marriage may seem justified under their laws…if that makes any sense..but you may have other views…so if so do share?

OO for further research or to ease your curiosity the case is called Corbett v. Corbett.

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Multiple Genders! (prt. 2)

A term i may have forgotten in the previous blog was transsexuals. Which to me, again PERSONAL, are people who were born  with “good” if you will female or male bodies, but psychologically they see themselves as members of the opposite sex. They may want to be a member of that oppositional sex so bad that they may surgically conform their body with their psyche on a hormonal and physical level.

Some people perform these transformations for other reasons as well…some people do it to get married and avoid the whole same sex marriage argumentation. After surgical transformations of genders, these individuals can legally change their birth certificates to label themselves the sex of their “new self”.

But this act brings me back to society’s need of a male/gender world.

However at the same time, people may still not look at the person socially as either male or female, but as a transexual…classifying them as a whole new gender…introducing the idea of a Multiple Social Genders!!

What do we classify a person with ovaries, breasts, and a vagina with “cultural genitals” of a male?

Does the idea of multiple genders upset the idea of sexual orientation?

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